Make an island for yourself
Make an island for yourself

You are at the end of your life, you are going to meet death. You cannot stop on the way, yet you have no provision for the journey.

Make an island for yourself. Strive wuthout delay. Become wise by removing your impurities and be free from sinful passions so you will not enter into birth and decay. 237-8

Follow the Path of Light

A wise man should leave the darkness of ordinary life and follow the Path of Light. Leaving his home for a homeless life, let him find joy in the solitude few can enjoy. Calling nothing his own, he is free from possession, free from desire and free from all mental defilements. 87, 88

The Best of Paths

The best of paths is the Noble Eightfold Path. The best of truths are the Four Holy Truths. The best of virtues is freedom from attachment. The best of men is he who has eyes to see. 273

This is the Path, there is no other that leads to discernment. Go on this path and you will confuse Mara. 274

Go on this Path and you will make an end of suffering and pain. I showed this path to the world when I found the cause of suffering. 275

You yourself must make the effort. The Tathagata only shows the way. The thoughtful who enter the path become free from the bondage of Mara. 276

"All things pass away." He who sees this is above sorrow and pain. This is the path of clarity. 277

"All things are suffering and grief." He who sees this is above sorrow and pain. This is the path of clarity. 278

"All forms are unreal." He who sees this is above sorrow and pain. This is the path of clarity. 279

A man who does not rouse himself when it is time to rise, who when young and strong sinks into sloth and irresolution, that lazy and idle man will never find the path to knowledge. 280

A man should control his speech, restrain his mind and never commit evil with his body. If he keeps these three ways of action clear, he will attain the path of the wise. 281

Through spiritual discipline and meditation, knowledge is gained. Through lack of spiritual discipline and meditation, knowledge is lost. Understanding the two paths of gain and loss, progress and decline, let a man walk on the path that leads to knowledge. 282

Cut down the whole forest of desire, and not just one tree only because danger comes from the forest. If you cut down this forest, then Bhikkhu, you will attain freedom. 283

As long as lust, however small, of a man for a woman, is not destroyed, his mind is tied to existence, like a suckling calf to its mother. 284

Pluck out the love of self as you would pull off a faded lotus in autumn. Cherish the path of peace that brings Nirvana as shown by Sugata (the Buddha). 285

"Here will I dwell in the season of rain, here in winter and summer," thus the fool thinks; but he does not think of the obstacles of life. 286

For death comes and carries off the man who is self-satisfied with children and flock, as a flood carries off a sleeping village. 287

Father, sons and kinsmen cannot help a man whom death has come to seize. A wise man understands the meaning of this and swiftly strives to clear a path to Nirvana. 288, 289